Best Continental Finance Payment Address For Online Bill Payment

If you haven’t heard about Continental Finance Card before now, here in this article contains the vital information you need to know as we will be taking you through the real Continental Finance Payment Address for your online bill payment but before that, you have to bear in mind that this Continental Finance company offer variety of credit card for you to choose the particular one that suits your financial needs but their payment information and contact info varies.

Continental Finance offers credit cards to consumers and the card they issue to you is based on your credit score which determines whether you will be approved or denied for a card. So once you get approved for a card and you start using the card, you will then have to select from the selection of the payment options made available for you which is either online, over the phone, through mail or using a wire transfer to make your bill payment depending on your choice.

This Continental Finance company ( CFC ) card is one of America’s leading marketers and servers of credit card that actually serve consumers with less than perfect credit ever since it was founded in the year 2005 and they have a very good and strong customer care service program with fair treatment and responsible lending. This their dedicated support team understands the importance of helping the customers they’ve got manage their credit responsibly in the best way.

What More Can The Continental Finance Company Offer?

Aside from the fact that they have Continental Mobile App which helps you to manage your account from your mobile device, with their credit card service, you are sure to receive 24/7 online access to manage your account and make an online payment for FREE.Best Continental Finance Payment Address For Online Bill Payment

They have a goal which is to provide each customer with the highest level of customer support, and it includes providing all the necessary education tools in order for them to manage their personal credit successfully.

Because they have your interest at heart, all the products they offer to you will be assessed continually. And they are very transparent in providing quality information to both their existing and future customers on their website.

Whether you are establishing or rebuilding credit, they will always be there to help you find the right product that will make you achieve your targeted goal as well as provide you with the superior value customer service you need.

The Continental Finance Payment Address To Login Your Account

Like I earlier told you that Continental Finance card offers a variety of credit card leaving with the option to choose the one want, There are four major payment addresses which are either online, over the phone, through mail or using a wire transfer to make your bill payment. however, below here is the information you need on how to reach customer service for any of the cards.

  • If you have Reflex card, Fit card Surge card, Verve card, Matrix card, or Cerulean card then visit to make your payment
  • But if you have the Continental Finance branded credit card like Gold classic etc, then login to to pay your bills online

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For Bill Payment By MAIL

If you preferably, choose to make your bill payment use this their milling address provided here for any Continental Finance card including Reflex car, fit card Surge card, Verve card, Matrix card, or Cerulean card and even simple Gold card. Check out the mailing address below:

                                                                     Continental Finance

                                                                       P.O Box 6812

                                                                      Carol Stream, IL 60197- 6812


Making Bill Payment By Mail

Making your bill payment by placing a phone call is very simple and easy too although the number you call depends on the card you hold BUT that notwithstanding, for payment on any Continental Finance card, simply  1-800-518-6142.

  • But particularly for Reflex card, Fit card Surge card, Verve card, Matrix card, or Cerulean card customer service, you will have to call 1-866-449-4514.
  • For Simple Gold card only, call 1-800-355-3587
  • Other Continental Finance Cards, call 1-800-355-3587

How to Sign Up For Continental Finance Credit Card

One of the very good things about any of the Continental Finance cards is that it is very easy and fast to apply for the card and you can either pay the minimum balance due, the full balance or anything you have in between each month. All you need to do right now is to simply follow the steps given here below to sign up for your own Continental Finance Credit Card today:

  • From your web browser, visit
  • Select by clicking on the particular credit you need from the numerous ones displayed on the web site
  •  Click on Apply Online and You will be directed to the sign-up page
  • Check if you are pre-qualified by entering all your personal details as prompted
  • Equally, answer all the questions asked on the page by clicking either yes or No accordingly
  • Eventually, click on See My Card Offer
  • Carefully follow prompts to get your card

If you have any difficulty signing up or making payment through any of the Continental Finance Payment Address that is provided in this article, or maybe you have any questions or suggestions about this post, please feel free to use the COMMENT SECTION below to let us know about it. You may also SHARE this post with some of your friends on social media platforms and find out many people need to read this. Kindly hit the like button too to encourage us the more.

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