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How To Set Up Bumble Profile To Meet Singles – Bumble Account Update

If you just created a Bumble account and want to know the next thing to do, then you have come to the right place. Even if you haven’t created a Bumble account yet but have an interest in creating one and also want to know the next step to take, this article is also the right one for you. Here you will learn how to set up Bumble profile and meeting other singles.

The Bumble online dating site can be really fun and interesting to use especially when it comes to meeting other singles who are ready to mingle. The user profile which we will be discussing in this article is one of the most important features of the site because, without this feature being set up, there can not be any dating online.

Bumble Profile

Your profile is a means through which other singles who have opted into the bumble dating platform can communicate with you. If your profile is not completely set up, then no one will want to look at you talk more of having a conversation with you.

So, it is advisable you update your profile with all the necessary information, and when that is complete, then trust me when I say you can easily be matched with other singles.

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Of course, no one wants or can date a ghost so the user profile is very important as it will give the person interested in you to know a little about the person he or she is looking forward to date and create a relationship with.

In order for you to get the highest number of quality matches, that is, the kind of matches you feel you would like, you will have to Update your Bumble profile real good and also fill out as many details as you can because it is also one of the things that increases the number of matches you get.

Also, the Bumble user profile helps a lot when searching for a person to date and have a relationship with, because you can decide to just go through the other user’s profile and see their bio and other personal details or information that defines who they are.

At least the little information that you must have known about the person will help you to know what next to ask or find out more about the person when the both of you start dating.

Features of Bumble Online Dating Site

Like I said earlier, I will be exposing you to some “Bumble features” that you will find fun and interesting to use. Check them out below

  • Advanced Filters
  • Match
  • Swipes
  • Messages and Chats
  • Notifications
  • Backtrack
  • Spotlight
  • Bumble Boost
  • Bumble Coins
  • Video Chats, etc.

All these features listed above can be gotten when your profile is completely set up. To use and enjoy these features, of course, you must have downloaded and installed the Bumble app and also created an account on the site through the app.

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How To Set Up Bumble Profile

Once, you have created your Bumble account and decide to update your profile using your Android phone, you will need the steps below.

  1. Open the Bumble app from your app drawer and sign in using your Facebook or cell phone number
  2. Tap the Profile icon at the menu below and tap the edit (pencil) icon beside your empty profile picture box.
  3. Then, tap the plus sign (+) to upload a profile picture. Have it in mind that you can also add up to six photos to your profile if you want to.
  4. Next, in the Profile Prompts section, choose a prompt that will showcase your “personality”. You can fill out as many profiles prompts as you wish to and also switch between them as often as you want.
  5. Tap the “About Me” section and fill in a short description of yourself.
  6. Select Add Job under the “My Work and Education” section to fill out your type of work and workplace, then select Save.
  7. Select each sub-section separately under the My Basic Info section to choose an option from the multiple-choice list.
  8. Then select an option if you wish to and allow Bumble permission to access the app.
  9. Once you are done filling out your necessary details for your Bumble profile, tap Done.

That’s all, your Bumble profile will be up and running.

If you followed these steps mentioned above accurately, then you must have updated your Bumble profile correctly and you can tap your Profile Picture if you wish to “view” how your profile looks to others on the dating platform.

Meanwhile, if you found this method to set up Bumble profile helpful, do not hesitate to leave a comment or question in the comment box below and we will be glad to give you feedback.



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