Facebook New Dating Platform | How to Set Up Facebook Dating Profile

Have you also been asking questions like, How can I use Facebook Dating Site, or seriously looking for Facebook Dating Link? Well, I must say that this Facebook New Dating Platform for both Europe and local will help you answer some questions you might have.

The announcement of Facebook Dating comes days after the company admitted to exposing more than 419 million user IDs and phone numbers online, a glitch in June 2018 made private posts of 14 million users public, and another breach in September 2018 compromised the data of 50 million users.

In a separate scandal, it was revealed in 2018 the company improperly harvested the data of millions of users through a partnership with the campaign firm Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook New Dating Platform

Now before you can even think of getting the new Facebook dating link or site, you will have to set up your account for that.

According to Facebook, the service operates independently from main Facebook profiles, and it is not scraped for information that can be used to target ads. Of course, that could change in the future.

Facebook Dating looks nearly identical to other dating services, so this is why you will really need to learn How to proceed to your dating account.

How to Set Up Facebook New Dating Platform

Facebook Dating will live as a tab within Facebook’s main menu on mobile.

When you first set up your profile, Facebook will ask you to specify your gender and the gender(s) of the people you’re interested in.

According to a preview shared by Facebook, the options are “cis woman,” “trans woman,” “cis man,” “trans man,” and “non-binary person.” Your gender identity won’t be shared with potential matches. You can express interest in “everyone,” “women,” “men,” “trans women,” or “trans men.”

You can also fill in details like your height, religion, job title, where you work, where you went to school, and whether you have children.

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You can choose to match with people who live nearby, share the same religion or fit certain physical attributes.

Facebook Dating Site Free App

Some time ago, this Facebook Dating Site Free App was launched in the US which so many people loved it. However, below is how is been set up.

How to Set Up Facebook Dating Profile

So how do I set up a dating profile in the US? Well, here’s how you can do that;

  • Make the Facebook app on your device is an updated version.
  • The Dating icon will appear in a new tab on the main menu of your page and it’s presented by the “Heart” sign.
  • Tap on to load.
  • Fill in your personal details such as height, religion, job title, and education, single or not. Also if you have children or not.
  • Upload a picture of you.

So that is it. Remember that you can always feel free to use the comment section below in asking use any question or also dropping any of your opinions about this Facebook New Dating Platform and How to Set Up Facebook Dating Profile

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