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Facebook Avatar is a digital representation that allows Facebook users to share their emotions and express their feelings in a fast way thereby minimizing the stress of communication during the conversation. Facebook Avatar can be used in creating comments, stories, etc. But only after How To Create my Avatar on Facebook App? is been answer.

Is Facebook Avatar Free for Use?

YES, the New Facebook Avatar is free of charge, but then you have to learn how it can be used or set up.

However, you really do not have to worry much because I will show you just that below. So you can quickly check it out now.

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Facebook Avatar App

The Facebook Avatar App is what you need first and it can be downloaded right from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

The Facebook Avatar app is the same app like the Facebook official app. This is because Facebook Avatar is a feature on the Facebook official app.

How To Create my Avatar on Facebook App Free

There are procedural steps to creating the Facebook avatar and they are as follows:

  • Open up the Facebook app on your iphone or Android phone. Click on the Menu icon (three horizontal lines) in the bottom-right of your screen.
  • Then, scroll down and tap on the See More
  • A page pops-up, click on Avatars.
  • The page shows up displaying animated images, at the base, click on Next.
  • A page shows showing images of animated pictures, click on “Get started”.
  • A page pops-up showing images of a particular animated picture in different skin tones. Choose the best skin tone for you and click on “Next”.
  • Another page pops-up showing an animated image showing you ways of customizing your image and there is a mirror icon near the top-right corner of the screen to open your device’s front-facing camera for selfie,
  • which will allow you to look at yourself as you create your Avatar.
  • After customizing your Avatar, click on the pass mark icon at the top-right corner of the screen.
  • Click on “Next” after customizing the animated image to your best-suited form.
  • After that, click on “Done”.

Conclusively, making a Facebook Avatar not only makes you have access to the best features of the Facebook avatar but also gives you a room for an update of the Facebook App and also allows you to share your avatar animated images to family and friends.

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  1. Still don’t have the option to create one. But whatever facebook changed their layout and i will probably stop using it once they force the changes

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