Opay Ride App Download On Mobile Phone, Opay Ride Latest Version

Opay ride popularly known as ORide is a solution to myriad transport challenges particularly heavy traffic. This ORide service offers you a flexible payment option including cash, card payment and payment through the Opay app which allows riders to even access promotional offers. This topic on Opay Ride App Download teaches you more especially on how you can download the latest version of the app into your mobile phone very quickly.

Opay ride, ORide is an on-demand motorbike ride-hailing service that is created with a vision to solve the transportation challenges of getting people and goods to their destination both safely and timely, this service is featured in the Opay app. The service launches with ORrideGREEN, a flatshit motorbike model 200cc engine specification aimed at serving long distant trip requests as well as shorter intracity trips too.

The Opay company has taken some steps to hold a monthly class for the riders and a lot of emphases have been placed on driver training and safety as well as several steps to ensure that. Both rider and passengers who take ORiders, are covered by comprehensive insurance and will also have access to 24hrs customer support service and in addition, riders also have access to healthcare. A unique tracking device is as well attached.

Benefits/ advantages Of  Opay Ride

Opay ride services are considered to be amongst in the list that offers the cheapest and aside from that, there also some other benefits and advantages too which includes the potential to create so many tax-paying jobs, you will surely like their services, even more, when you check out the other advantages as listed out below

  • ORide passengers can take up to 90% discount on fares off every trip, during the current promo
  • They offer amazing prices to suit all their users
  • The service launches with ORide Green, it’s flat shit motorbike models of 200cc engine specification aims at serving long-distance trip request as well as the side street, it’s lighter offering to cater to shorter intra-city trips
  • The service offers flexible payment option which includes cash payment, card payment, and other payments through the Opay app which allows their riders to have access to their promotional offerings
  • Both rider and passengers who take ORide, are covered by comprehensive insurance
  • Riders have access to 24hrs customer support service
  • Riders also have access to healthcare
  • Also, the motorbikes have unique tracking devices attached to them

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Trust me when I say that when you start using the app, you will surely see other features that will interest you. However, you can also search online for it too.

Opay Ride App Download On Mobile Device Steps

It is only with this Opay ride app that you can book a bike ride with an opay bike ride. The app is very easy to use and navigate and the app is only available for android and iOS devices. To download this app, you just need to follow the steps we have here you as shown below. You can either download the app on Googe Play Store or iOS App Store

  • Make sure your mobile data is connected to a WI-FI connection
  • Launch Goole Play Store for iOS and Android users respectively
  • Use the search bar to type in and search for ORide
  • A result will be displayed after a short while, just tap on ORide from the result displayed
  • Click on Install and the app will be installed on your mobile device after its downloaded automatically

After the installment, then you can proceed to launch the Opay ride app to start booking your bike rides at very affordable charges. Even if you have the Opay bike rides app, and you want to use some of the features of the Opay app like paying of bills and making a transaction, you will as well have to download the  Opay app.

How To Download Opay App

Downloading this Opay app is as simple as downloading the Opay Ride app, just follow the step guide here to download the Opay app easier and faster

  • Activate your device mobile data
  • Open to Google Play Store
  • With the search bar, type and search for OpayOpay Ride App Download On Mobile Device
  • A list of result will be displayed, just click on the Opay icon
  • When the opay app detail page opens,
  • Click on Install
  • How To Download Opay AppThe app will automatically be installed immediately after downloading

If there is any further inquiry you want to make about this Opay Ride Application Download, any questions or suggestions, there is a Comment box below for you to do that and we will get back to you. If also, you find the information in this article HELPFUL in any way, please share with the others on social media platforms, Thank You.

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