Sairui Mall E-commerce Registration Activation, Trading and Sell Steps

So many questions have been asked about this amazing Sairui Mall E-commerce Registration Activation, Trading, and Sell Steps and here this post today I will be helping to answer most of then as well as showing you have you can proceed to be a member.

First of all, please permit me to briefly explain what Sairui E-commerce is all about.


Sairui is the perfect E-commerce company that links the manufacturers and customers together to create a shopping link between them… base on internet marketing in a way to integrate productions, sales, and circulation of goods through big data.

SAIRUI… is adopting the concept of a new retails and wholesale system… That enables any individuals in respective of your knowledge on the internet.. accommodate every individual.Sairui Mall E-commerce Registration Activation

Sairui is an E-COMMERCE company from china. It was established in 2008. It came to Africa with it’s New Retail business model early last year.

Have you bought or done shopping online before?

If yes, then you will understand me well.

If, No. Get to know

  • Alibaba
  • Jumia
  • Kikuu*
  • Aliexpress etc
  • The above are examples of E-commerce.

You can buy something from their site, pay and have it delivered to you at home or any designated address of your choice.
This is not news to us, right?

But before we proceed, is also important you know why you should join SAIRUI MALL


πŸ‘‰You spend less than 5 minutes in every trade, it is so simple
πŸ‘‰You make profit every 10 days
πŸ‘‰You are your own boss, you control your business as a partner.
πŸ‘‰You can withdraw your Trading CapitalπŸ’°
πŸ‘‰You can withdraw profit through Mobile Money, Bank, or BitcoinπŸ“²
πŸ‘‰No skill required
πŸ‘‰You will get free Sairui products to use every time you trade
πŸ‘‰You can make more income when you sponsor people to partner with Sairui

Possible Monthly Net Profits With Sairui

Expected Monthly Passive Net Profits without recruiting anybodyπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

  • VIP2 $21 =N7,980
  • VIP3 $42 = N15,960
  • VIP4 $126=N47,880
  • VIP5. $252=N95,760

Expected Monthly Products. You will get 3 of the product monthly.

Cost Of VIP Registration Activation and Trading

THE COST OF VIP REGISTRATION ACTIVATION AND PRODUCT TRADING COST is as listed below, but then you also have to remember that registration fee is a one-time payment, while trading money is what you will be trading with every ten (10) days. However, you can check out the cost below.

  • VIP2 $140 =N53,200
  • VIP3 $280 =N106,400
  • VIP4 $840 =N319,200
  • VIP5. $1680=N638,400

What makes sairu more special than other platforms?

It’s because of our 3 amazing stores

1.New retail
2. Wholesale-
3. Traditional E-commerce

Very powerful store!

Traditional E-Commerce Types are JUMIA, Alibaba, Kikou, Ali Express, etc

The other shopping mall operates on only The TRADITIONAL E-COMMERCE where you buy the products from the mall and you are given only the products you paid for and the company takes your money too and the deal ends.

But with Sairu mall, you take the products and get paid each 10days on the retail and wholesale store…
This makes sairui ExceptionalπŸ‘Œ

How to Proceed to Sairui Mall E-commerce Registration Activation and Trading

Without taking much of the time, here again, I will like you to check below to see the full summary of how you can start one today

STEP 1: First, you get registered as a VIP MEMBER of the official site by choosing one of the VIP Registration packages and paying to the company account. NOTE: is also good you someone REFER you (You register with Invitation link) Call Now For Your REFER LINK >> 08077301002

STEP 2: After your VIP package is activated, the company (SAIRUI) trades 2 products on your behalf in a period of 10days using your Trading Capital and gives You a profit on the 10th day!

STEP 3: You can withdraw your profit on the 10th Day and re-trade again if you choose!

STEP 4: 10-DAYS Trading profit amounts to 15% of your total investment package and 23.33% of your TRADING CAPITAL every 30days!

STEP 5: You are also given Registration products for the VIP package that you registered with upon activation!


Sairui Trading Process From New Retail to Buy Wholesale and Sell


Logging to your back office first with your username and password and then follow the below process.

πŸ‘‰ click Home at the bottom left
πŸ‘‰ click new retail
πŸ‘‰ click the product you want
πŸ‘‰ click picture then the box under the picture
πŸ‘‰ click purchase
πŸ‘‰ click submit
πŸ‘‰ click payment
πŸ‘‰ impute your transaction password
πŸ‘‰ Click Confirm payment

πŸ‘‰ click wholesale area
πŸ‘‰ click the product you want
πŸ‘‰ click picture then the box under the picture
πŸ‘‰ click purchase
πŸ‘‰ click submit
πŸ‘‰ click payment
πŸ‘‰ impute your transaction password
πŸ‘‰ Click Confirm payment

πŸ‘‰ click my at the bottom right
πŸ‘‰ click view all at the top right
πŸ‘‰ click To Sell between wholesale product and Retail product
πŸ‘‰ you will see a countdown

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