How To Change Your Profile Name on Facebook Account Free

Did you create a Facebook account with a name you would like to change for some reason best known to you? well, to do that is as simple ABC with the step guide given here in this article on How To Change Your Profile Name on Facebook Account Free. Aside from changing your FB name, there is still other important information you need to know about creating your FB username like what you can’t use, what names are allowed and how often you can change your name.

There are a good number of reasons why one would want to change the name on his/her Facebook account name some of which are : Maybe you got married and you need to add your husband’s name to your original name Facebook account, or you have outgrown your initial childhood name and you want to spice up your name to a better sweet nice name that would attract more attention of other Facebook users.

Facebook is just like a community where you meet different people from all over the world especially the once you are likely to know and also friends of friends which you might not know. It’s best to use your real name and your actual information in creating your own Facebook account to help others know you. It is also very important to know the people you make friends with on Facebook to help keep you safe from social media devourers out there.

What You Can’t Use In Your FB Profile Name

The first thing to bear in mind is that you must abide by the Facebook standard which is stipulated as follows

  • You must not make use of symbols and numbers in your name
  • Avoid unusual capitalization, repeated characters or punctuation in your name
  • You are also not allowed to use characters from different languages, title, words or phrase in your name
  • You can’t use offensive or suggestive words or phrase in place of your name

So that is just it, Quickly check below to see other important things you need to know about how to change the profile in facebook

What To Know About Changing Your Profile Name On Facebook

Some social media platforms let you change your profile name as often as you want to but it’s not like that with Facebook. Facebook only allows you to change one name in a 60-day period, and if you change your name too often they can change it to 120 days.

Also unlike some other social platforms, Facebook wants you to use your name, they allow for some common derivative names like Bob for Robert, Liz for Elizabeth and so on but not any nonsense name.

So whatever name you choose if afterward, you want a change of name on your profile, you just have to wait till another two months before you can and if you use a fake name, you stand a risk of being banned from Facebook.

How To Change Your Profile Name on Facebook Account Free

These days Facebook name carries more weight and identity which attracts friends so now, to proceed with the changing of your current profile name or adding a name to your Facebook profile, following the simple step guide below, its easy and fast too

  • Once you are logged in to Facebook,  click on the dark downward-facing triangle at the top right of the Facebook pageHow To Change Your Profile Name on Facebook Account Free
  • The on the drop-down menu that will appear, click Settings
  • Now you will be directed to the general account settings,
  • Next to your name, click on Edit
  • Inside the box at the top of the page, enter the new name you would like to use
  • Next, you click on ” Review Change
  • Then carefully check the name you entered to make sure you are satisfied with the name
  • Then enter your password and finally click “Save Changes” that’s it, your name is changed.

This is the Quickest And Simplest Way To Change Your Facebook Profile Name you can even see online.

How To Add Another Name To Your Facebook Account

As long as you understand this guide on How To Change Your Profile Name on FB Account Free above, then you will also know that Facebook allows you to add another name to your already existing account. For example, you can add your maiden or professional name to your profile name and this is how you can easily do that

  • Click on your name to view your Facebook profile
  • Then select About
  • On the left side panel, look for details about you and click on “Other names”
  • Next, you will see a drop-down menu that is next to Name Type
  • Select the type of name you want to add and enter your name
  • Check the box marked ” Show at top of Profile” to make your other name appear next to your full name at the top of your profile
  • The finally click SAVE.


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