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How To Upgrade My MTN Sim To 4G | Requirements For Mtn Sim Upgrade

Upgrading your MTN sim will give you super fast internet service and for those of us that will want the best, here is a simple article you should read that will help you answer with the method to Upgrade My MTN Sim to 4G. Carefully read through and you’ll be very much good to go.

It is very much understandable the process one has to go through when it comes to battling to get the best of his or her network. And to help you out with that, I have carefully written this article for you to go through. All that is needed of you right now is to adhere to the basic instructions given and you’ll have something to write home about.

With a simple upgrade done, you can get a very high data speed which can help your internet surfing, downloads, and more.

Imagine having to download a simple video online and it’s taking forever to download. Well, with an upgrade, you can get your downloads in secs.

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MTN can deliver speeds of up to 200 Mbps when you have successfully upgraded your Sim which will also translate to even much faster downloads, a better streaming experience, and even clearer video calls.

Benefits Of Upgrading To MTN 4G

There are lots of benefits one can derive from upgrading to the 4G LTE network on MTN. Some of these benefits are outlined below.

  1. Super-fast Internet experience
  2. You can get six (6) months of data offers
  3. Free 4G SIM Upgrade (at no extra cost)
  4. Free 4GB Data valid for seven (7) days
  5. Double Data bonus offer for the first 3 months of SIM upgrade on purchased data of up to N15,000.
  6. Additional 25% bonus data for 4- 6 months after the SIM Upgrade
  7. 25% bonus data on all purchased data plans for existing 4G users on the network.

Every customer gets to enjoy something on MTN 4G. So once you upgrade, you’ll get the benefits listed above and more.

How To Upgrade My MTN Sim To 4G

Before you can upgrade your Sim to 4G, you must confirm if your Sim is ready for the 4G Network. To quickly do this, simply Text 4G to 131.

After confirming your sim status. Below are the steps you should take to Upgrade your sim successfully without stress.

  1. Visit any MTN store near you to upgrade your SIM to 4G if your sim is not a USIM (4G enabled)
  2. If your device supports Band 7 (2600MHz), then it is 4G compatible
  3. Be within an MTN 4G Coverage location

MTN has the widest 4G network spreads in Nigeria and if you are within a 4G coverage location, you should be 4G compatible.

Above all, kindly visit any MTN store close to you to upgrade your sim without stress.

Meanwhile, share this article on your social media accounts so that others can know about it. Also, use the comment box below for any questions relating to this article and will be here to attend to you.



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