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Steps To Create Facebook Account Online – Facebook Sign Up 2021

One of the oldest, common and popular social networking sites in the whole world has been known to be Facebook and it does not seem to go obsolete instead new features keep coming up. This article will give you steps to create Facebook account online in 2021 with ease and success.

Facebook is one of the social networking websites in the world that makes it possible to connect and communicate with people that matter to you like families, friends, and even business associates from all parts of the globe, which helps us to keep in touch with them especially when “distance is a barrier” like living or staying abroad.

The platform is free to use and it is also available in different languages to make it easy for people from different races with different languages to be able to communicate with whosoever on the platform without finding it difficult to express their feelings or opinions on a particular thing they wish to discuss with each other.

Privacy and security are sure on this social networking site. You can always determine that through your “Settings” like blocking a Facebook user you find uncomfortable being connected to and also keeping some personal information private so that no other person can see or get access to it.

Another interesting thing is that Facebook also alerts you concerning unusual and suspicious login attempts from other devices that you do not normally use and if you were not the person making such attempts, you will be advised to change your “security password” and create a stronger one to avoid your account being hacked.

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Some Features Of Facebook

The Facebook social networking website has so many interesting and fascinating features that attract and trigger so many people to sign up to enjoy these wonderful features. The site has been introducing even more exciting and breathtaking features more often than expected and these features include:

  • User Profile
  • News Feed
  • Timeline
  • Notifications
  • Messages and Chats
  • Facebook Stories
  • Likes, Reactions, and Comments
  • Stickers, Emojis, and Gifs
  • Facebook Avatars
  • Privacy and Settings
  • Photos and Videos
  • Groups
  • Pages
  • Facebook Marketplace
  • Watch
  • Events
  • Places
  • Jobs
  • Memories
  • Gaming
  • Friends
  • Help and Support
  • Live Streaming
  • Audio and Video Room

These features mentioned above are the things that make Facebook even more fun and interesting to use without getting bored or feeling to quit. There are so many Facebook features not mentioned here and it has been assumed and expected that the site will introduce more interesting features as time goes on.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Facebook?

Signing up for Facebook and becoming a user of the site comes with many benefits and these benefits will make it worthwhile using. Some of the benefits of using Facebook are mentioned below:

Builds Productive Friendships

Facebook helps you to find new friends online and work towards building the friendship to be more serious, productive, and meaningful especially when we find it hard to make friends offline, that is, physically and this could sometimes be because of inferiority complex or shyness.

World Wide Communication

Using this platform makes it possible for easy communication and connection with people from all parts of the globe to keep in touch.

Free (Mode) Usage

You can use Facebook for free like posting pictures and videos, messaging and chatting, like and comment on posts, and many more without data or money by switching to “Facebook free mode”.

It is difficult to see any social networking site to allow its users to use the platform for free.

Build Online Brand

Using Facebook helps build your online brand by offering your business a high level of potential exposure if you have decided to take your business online as it helps create a wide reach to different people in the world.

Share Experiences

You are free to share your experiences online with others through posts of photos and videos to keep others updated about yourself or your brand especially if you have a “Facebook page”, you can also do that through live streaming.

Save Memories

Many of us would love to come across sweet and cherished memories of past events that we might have been involved in or connected to us in one way or the other and Facebook helps us save some memories using the “Memories” feature that you can always go to anytime you want to go through your special moments and memories.

Status Enhancement

Many people love fame and popularity and would love to be known by many across the globe. Well, an interesting thing is that this site has made it possible for that to happen as you continue to update your Facebook profile or page which makes a lot of people get to know you and follow you.

Celebrity or Public Figure Follow Up

On the Facebook site, you are also privileged to follow most celebrities or public figures of your choice that you look up to and you are also able to know what is going on in their lives if you love stalking some of them for just fun and pleasure.

There are so many benefits that you will derive from using Facebook that you will never regret but be grateful for as it will add more value to your life, personality, and every other thing pertaining to your “well-being”.

Steps To Create Facebook Account Online

Creating a Facebook account online does not require or demand too much time and energy or even money. It could be done within a few minutes and the steps to follow in doing this are as follows;

  1. Visit using your browser.
  2. Click the green Create New Account button.
  3. On the flip-up page, enter your “Personal Details” at the spaces provided as instructed like your names, phone number or email address, password, birthday, and gender.
  4. Once you have done all that click the green Sign Up button. By doing this you agree to the terms, data policy, and cookie policy of Facebook.

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Facebook Sign In ( Login)

Whenever you want to sign in to your Facebook account, simply adhere to the instructions below.

  • Go to the Facebook official site from your browser at
  • In the space provided on the page, enter your registered email address or phone number and password
  • Click on “log in” and you will be signed in to your account

If you follow all these steps mentioned above accurately, then you must have created your Facebook account online successfully without any difficulty or stress.

If this article on “Create Facebook Account” was helpful, leave a comment and question if any at the space provided below and we will send you feedback.



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