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Whatsapp Login Without Phone Number – Whatsapp Login Online Chat

Presently, a report has it that WhatsApp will be working on a new Multi-Platform system which is called the Universal Windows Platform ( UWP ). This is to say that this upcoming platform will allow all Whatsapp users to continue using the messaging app without their phone number being connected to the internet. This very article gives you the right steps on how to do that. Also, learn about Whatsapp Login Without Phone Number as well as Whatsapp Login Online Chat as we give you all the guidelines you will be needing.

Actually, to activate a Whatsapp account, a sim card is needed which is to say that a phone number is required for you to install and use Whatsapp on your android/iOS phone because it is very difficult to get the Whatsapp activation code without your phone having a valid Sim card inside, and Whatsapp can not be launched without entering code. How ever, you can still save yourself this stress and use Whatsapp without Phone nor sim, wanna know how?

For sure, if you have a secondary phone, iPad or Laptop, then you easily install Whatsapp on other devices without phone or sim card and you will be finding out very shortly in this article, how to do that. With the level of technology now, Whatsapp users started craving for more satisfaction and suppleness so with the Bluestacks Technology Company is the answer to this problem, cos with bluestacks app player installed on your device, you can send and receive messages on Whatsapp without connecting your phone.

How To Install Whatsapp On BlueStacks

Ths bluestacks company is the producers of bluestacks app player which is a software application that enables Android applications to run on Windows PC. Carefully the instructions that are given below to install  and use Whatsapp on bluestacks

  • Use the bluestacks on your PC to download the bluestacks emulator software
  • Install the bluestacks emulator you downloaded
  • Enable the Google PlayStore in bluestacks
  • Go to Google PlayStore then Download and install Whatsapp Messanger on your PC
  • Enter your Whatsapp Phone number
  • An activation code will be sent to you via SMS on your mobile phone
  • Enter the code to activate Whatsapp and that’s it, Enjoy

So this is how you can install and Login Whatsapp Web. However, you can quickly check below to see the Whatsapp Login Without Phone Number Guide free.

Ways To Install: Whatsapp Login Without Phone Number

These days, most people have at least two email addresses, one used to communicate with friends/family and the other to manage professional accounts. For some reason, you might equally need an additional Whatsapp account and it might interest you know that there are different options for you to install a Whatsapp account even without any SIM CARD since you get get a second phone number without a Sim although somehow, it depends where you reside.Whatsapp Login Without Phone Number - Whatsapp Login Online Chat

Below are the ways you can install your Whatsapp without sim or phone number, check it out below

  • Using Google Voice Number

It’s very easy for those who leave in the US or Canada to set up a Google account to get a new phone number. This is possible because you can send and receive text messages on Google Voice. But to activate the Google Voice, you will need to provide a phone number to receive the activation code and you can use either regular phone number or a landline number to receive the code which you need to set up the Google Voice

  • Using The TextFree App To Install Whatsapp

This TextFree app a free calling SMS app that is available for both iOS and Android phones and you can use it to get real US numbers just in case if the Google Voice didn’t work for you. You can actually use this as a secondary number to receive your verification code within that time interval otherwise the number will be lost and you will have to reserve a new number.

  • How To Use Landline Number To  Install Whatsapp

If the above options didn’t work for you due to one reason or the other, you need not worry yet if you have got a landline at your home cos you can use the number for a new Whatsapp account. Now instead of selecting the text option to get code, what you have to do is to choose the call verification option and when you request verification for Whatsapp, you will get a voice call on your landline number.

Make a note of the verification code from that call then enter the same code to activate your Whatsapp account.

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How Posible Is Whatsapp Login Online Chat?

If you really think that there is no way to view your Whatsapp messages or other persons’ Whatsapp messages online, you will be delighted to hear that It is very easy to use spyzie to view Whatsapp messages online by yourself. Below are the steps guides you need to be able to do that when you carefully follow the instructions

  • You need to create a spyzie account and purchase that Whatsapp hacking feature
  • complete the setup process by providing your iCloud ID and password OR iCloud info on another target iPhone
  • Then visit the control panel online and view Whatsapp messages collected from the monitored

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