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Like other social media platforms, Instagram is one place where you can do things you love doing online like chatting, posting, commenting, and the likes of it, freely in line with their terms and conditions. This article will guide you on the steps to Instagram app download for your smartphone which is the first step to take to get started.

Instagram is a free online and social networking site used for uploading and sharing photos and short videos with other users on the platform. Its users are also allowed to edit these photos and videos using their inbuilt “editing tools” feature and also add captions, hashtags, and also location-based geotags to make them be easily searched and also stand out.

This platform is also used for connecting and communicating with people like family members or relatives, friends, colleagues, and many others in any part of the world. This makes communication across the globe easy, cheaper and more fun as its features makes it interesting to use.

Even businesses and different companies use Instagram to promote their brand as it is not only for individuals alone but also for organizations and enterprises. The platform offers these businesses the opportunity to create a free account on its site to advertise, promote and expand their products and expertise. It is also a tool for them to attract visitors and customers to patronize them by buying their products and also their services.

A lot of people have discovered new products through this app and its site as these businesses that have accounts on the platform have been able to have free access to engagement, impression metrics, share their stories, and also drive business results. Another exciting thing about this platform is that it allows its users to share their content to other social media platforms for wider coverage and exposure.

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Features Of The Instagram App

There are many features on the Instagram app that you will get to enjoy as time goes on. These features are the things that attract most people to the site and make it worthwhile using as the features are interesting, fascinating, and fun to use.

These inbuilt features are numerous but just a few of them will be mentioned here below and they include;

  • News Feed
  • IGTv
  • Reels
  • Photos and Videos
  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Highlights
  • User Profile
  • Search Tools
  • Camera
  • Editing Tools
  • Posts
  • Notifications
  • Privacy and Settings
  • Payments
  • Explore Tools
  • Fund Raisers and Donations
  • Shop
  • Direct Messages and Chats
  • Voice and Video Calls
  • Live Streams
  • Followings and Followers
  • Blocking
  • Likes and Comments
  • Sticker Reactions
  • Hashtags and Location-based Geotags

Benefits Of Using Instagram

When you become an Instagram user, there are many benefits you get to enjoy. Below are some benefits derived from the usage of Instagram:

  1. Easy communication and connection.
  2. Business promotion and expansion.
  3. Popularity and fame gain.
  4. Easy advertisement and awareness creation.
  5. Free photo and video sharing.
  6. Free content upload and watch.
  7. News updates.

There are so many things that you can benefit from this platform once you become a user not mentioned above and those are things you will get to see once you start using the app.

Steps On Instagram App Download

Downloading and installing the Instagram app does not take much time and energy, it can be done within a few minutes by undergoing just a few steps and these steps are mentioned below.

On Android

  1. Open the Google play store app installed on your android phone.
  2. On the search bar at the top of your screen, type in “Instagram”.
  3. From the suggestions given, tap the Instagram app.
  4. On the Instagram app’s wall, tap Install at the top right-hand side.
  5. Once it has finished installing, tap Open at the same place to create an account or log in.

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On iPhone

  1. Open the “App Store” app installed on your smartphone.
  2. Search for Instagram at the space provided at the top of your screen.
  3. Tap Get to allow the Instagram app to install on your smartphone.
  4. Then tap Open once it has been installed to create an account or log in

That is all, once you have followed all these steps depending on whichever smartphone you are using accurately, then your Instagram app would have been downloaded successfully.

If you found this article on “Instagram App Download” helpful, make use of the comment box below and if you have any questions, feel free to ask and we would give you feedback.

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