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One of the things most people are after before becoming a user of a particular social media platform is privacy and security. Nobody wants to put himself or herself in a place of danger or invasion by intruders. In this article, you will learn how to change Facebook password if you feel the need to do so to keep your account safe.

As we commonly know Facebook is a social networking site that is used by millions of people globally and the number of users seems to increase daily. The site is used to connect families, friends, colleagues, and even business organizations through messages or chats, voice or video calls, Facebook posts or stories, and the likes of it. In this way, every user can give their own opinions and suggestions of a particular thing by joining discussions with other people on the subject through private or group chats.

While giving opinions, suggestions, and also having conversations, they can also react to people’s content or posts through stickers, emojis, gifs, likes, and even Facebook avatars to express their ideas more openly than just the use of words. They can even go further to comment and share posts to interact with other people’s content for wider exposure.

Business organizations can also do things similar to what is mentioned above, only that it is a little bit different from individual profiles, Normally business organizations make use of “Facebook pages” than personal Facebook accounts, they can use this medium to also interact and engage with their existing customers, attract new customers and also provide them with the support and safety they need.

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What Is Facebook Used For?

Different people from all parts of the world use Facebook for different things that they find much more interesting, beneficial, and fun doing. The common things that have been observed that many Facebook users do on the platform are as follows;

  • Most Facebook users use the platform to connect, interact and communicate with others in all parts of the globe.
  • Some use it to share photos, videos, music, articles, music, and even their own personal thoughts through content.
  • To post links to news updates and of other social media platforms.
  • For entertainment likes movies, tv shows, comedy skits and many more.
  • It is used to react and comment on Facebook posts to express opinions and thoughts.
  • Some use it to promote businesses and brands for better engagement.
  • To follow up celebrities and other famous personalities.
  • Others use it to create Facebook avatars that can be used for fun.
  • It is also used to be kept updated on the current happenings or trends in the world.
  • Facebook is also used to gain fame and popularity by attracting followers.
  • To save memories of posted content like photos, videos, and other personal content.

There are so many things peoples use Facebook for not mentioned above.

How To Change Facebook Password

For one reason or the other, we find ourselves in situations whereby we feel that we have to change our passwords for security reasons or even reasons best known to us. Most of the time, the reason for changing our Facebook password could be because of uncomfortable happenings that we discover in our Facebook accounts like “unrecognized login alerts”, or fear of our accounts being hacked.

Whatever the reason, having and securing a stronger password for your account is all time advisable, and to change your Facebook password, follow these steps below depending on your device;

For Android Users

  1. Open the Facebook app installed on your android phone and login if you have not done that yet.
  2. Tap the “three horizontal lines” icon at the top right-hand side of your screen.
  3. Then scroll down and tap Account Settings.
  4. Again tap “Security and Login”.
  5. Tap Change Password under the Login section.
  6. Enter your Current Password at the space provided.
  7. Type in a “New Password” and retype the new password for confirmation.
  8. Then tap Save Changes.

For Computer

  1. Search for using your web browser. Make sure to log in first if you have not signed in yet.
  2. Then click the “arrow facing down” at the top right-hand side corner of the window.
  3. Click Settings at the bottom of the menu.
  4. Again click “Security and Login” at the upper left-hand side of the window.
  5. Scroll down and click Edit beside the “Change password” option.
  6. Type in your Current Password at the space provided.
  7. Type in a “New Password” at the next space below and retype it for confirmation.
  8. Then click Save Changes.

That is all you have to do, once you have done all these correctly using your preferred device, then your effort to change your password will be a success.

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