Vehicle Number Plate Verification, NVIS FRSC Gov ng Number Plate Verification

A lot of car owner in Nigeria has fallen victims of buying fake plate number and running into problems with the Nigeria Federal Road Safety Corps for using a plate fake plate number and even if you try to give excuses of not knowing, it is not pardonable because as a car owner or driver, you should be able to know the original plate number. This topic on Vehicle Number Plate Verification will clear you more on this issue.

The corruption in the country has become very high and disturbing so to be on the safe side, you have to carefully read this post to the end so and you will find out how you can actually verify the authenticity of a car plate number online and via SMS. This information is not just for car owners cos if you are reading this post and you are not yet a car owner, you may own a car in future time so this article is also for you.

Believe me when I tell you that the steps to this plate number verification easier and faster than you can imagine following the simple guide we have here for you to do that. It might interest you to know that you can use your mobile phone to also verify vehicle plate number cos this website is not limited to computer devices so the earlier, the better, go check it out right away and pass on the vital information.

Simples Ways Of Vehicle Number Plate Verification

Without wasting any of your time, I will show you just two easy and simple ways through which you can verify the authenticity of your vehicle car number as quickly as possible and be sure the plate number you have is original, not fake that way, you are free from any form of disturbances or embarrassment from the road safety or police officers as regards to plate number authenticity because it will be a very serious issue if they find out first before you.

Vehicle Number Plate Verification, NVIS FRSC Gov ng Number Plate Verification

Yes, that’s right, now the two different ways you can genuinely verify the originality of your car plate number which is listed below

  1. You can verify the authenticity of your vehicle plate number by visiting this official website using your web browser
  2. Another way to check and verify a vehicle plate number is by using SMS

How To Very The Authenticity Of A Vehicle Plate Number Online

Before the nvis frsc gov ng number plate verification can do done online, then you will firest have to take note of the official portal for the Plate Vehicle verification which has been listed out below:

  • The first step to do take is to go to which is the official web site of the Federal Road Safety
  • This page will take you to straight to the Nationtional Identification System Portal
  • At this point, you are to enter your number plate correctly in the blank space provided there
  •  After that, you then click on the Verify button and it’s done

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So this is how it can be done online. However, check below to see how it can also be done by SMS

How To Verify The Authenticity Of A Vehicle Plate Number By SMS

aside from the steps given above on how you can verify your vehicle plate number if it’s original or fake, alternatively you can also perform the same verification process by SMS when you follow this format ” Verifyplateno – the number plate and then send it to 33324.

For example, Type “Verifyplateno ABC123AB” AND SEND TO 33324 with your mobile phone. It’s as simple as that. NOTE the there is no spacing when typing the verify plate no code when you space, it becomes wrong and can not go through.

PLEASE NOTE: This verification here is only for number plates in this format ABC1234AA.

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